Coloring with my left hand


This one was colored by my left hand.

Why? long story short. When I was born the nerves in my left arm were damaged so as I grew up I used my right hand even though I was suppose to be left handed. A few years ago I injury my right hand making it hard to throw pottery. So, when I taught myself to throw left hand I found out all of the stuff I just told you – along with the realization I am better making pottery when I throw with my left hand.


I have been trying to write with my left hand but it is a difficult (as you can imagine) to control the pencil so I thought a few nights ago that coloring might be a good place to start (trust me I color rather slow so I can keep in the lines, it doesn’t happen all the time.)

See you later

P.S. it looks a lot better in this picture. :-/

Silvaan Ruth


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