Updates: Confusion and Questions

desertI have made a lot of pottery lately. More than I thought I would and I destroyed far more of them then I wanted too.

I have written a few things as well. Getting out frustration more than anything.

A lot of things are running through my head and I don’t really know what to do with myself. Or how to answer my own questions.

If I should move to Portland Oregon?

or just travel like I have always wanted to do. people watch and write.

the problem I find with the first is I don’t want to do what I am doing now just in another place . personally I would like to just do art. throw my pottery and write and live doing so.

what would be good is I could get around a little easier then where I am because I don’t drive. Portland in one of the better places in the U.S. for public transportation.

The problem with the second is as much as I want to write I find I need pottery its the yang to my yin. With that said if I travel to write it would be hard to do my yang because pottery seems to be a very stationary thing. but it has crossed my mind to travel to one place and the next throwing pottery at one community studio at another.

But then I would have to sell my work some how.

but if I could travel I would like to go to the British isles.

I have a friend that lived in Ireland for a while and told me to go to Galway, Ireland. I think it would be so fun to go there. A long time ago I thought of travelling even though I really had no money (still don’t). but I found a little ceramic place and it was fun to look things up and plan it all out but there was never a chance I could do it.

well I am hoping to get my etsy set up again.

I was planning on changing my name again but not sure how or if I should.

Anyway I am rambling now.

talk to you all later.

Silvaan Ruth


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