Love/Betrayal/Anything Else

Collection of poems about love, betrayal and general shit we all go through on a regular bases.

I hope

I hope every time

you think of me.

You feel the lurch.

Guilt of what you did.

The truth we share

memory of your misdeeds.

You called me friend.

Now we are nothing at all

but memories.


I don’t believe in your niceties.

You say

I love you

Another way,

to say

I hate you.

It may come as a surprise.

I love you too

Perfections Cliff


Stand with arms out stretched,

hands intertwined,

Feeling the perfect breeze.


Suns warmth upon their skin

Not a care in the world

To warrant a resolution,

of loves perfection.


The warmth of gravel

under there feet.

Falls slowly off the edge

as the wind begins to whirl.


Their perfect touch

and smiles stretch

under twinkling eyes

toward each other.


Blind to their teetering feet

near the edge.

Against the wind.

Warning of perfections

destined falling.



I look down at my plate, having eaten all I took from you.

You, that lay before me on a silver platter.

I survey you. For more is what I desire.

I’d ask for more, but you deny me.

I’d steal more, but you catch me.

But I want you to fill me up and over flow

My plate with your flesh and bone in side me.

I fear it will not be enough and

One day, I’ll reach for a plate vacant of you.

Fly on the Wall

Sometimes I wish

I could be a fly on the wall


For sometimes I wonder

if his crying in the other room


What does he think…

as he stands and stares


What do I think as I

stare at him


I think I want to be loved more than he

Thinks he did


Does he think by staying in the next room

that I will come to my senses?…

I already have

I wish to be happy…

I am happier now


More myself now than ever

But I can’t help but to wonder

If he is crying in the next room


I wish I could be

a fly on the wall…

of his mind.


Just to see what he real thinks

Of it all


To see if he really is alright

But of course, he isn’t



I want to see if his stares

or tears in the other room

Mean he will be okay


That soon he will be happy

even when I am not

in the other room.

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