All FairyTales by Silvaan Ruth


The Morrow Man

He always waits until tomorrow
to show he cares;
with a gift,
a hug
or an I love you.
He always waits until the morrow
to be with the ones he loves.
He will go about his days as if
they are endless.
But if an event almost ends his loved ones days
or breaks their hearts
he will be there
with a gift,
a hug
or an I love you.
and a wish to himself
“I wish I spent more time with you.”
But once the days of stress subside
The morrow man
waits to love
tomorrow again.

The Beast Within

The first time I saw him
Oh, his high cheek bones
The liquid blue eyes
his skin like white silk.
How he touched me
the way I have always dreamed.
Oh, how his glaring want for me…
made me feel small and tall all at the same time.
Oh, how it all felt so real.

One day his touch felt cold.
I lay my hand on his,
I felt stiff fur
under my fingers.
I looked
To see the one I loved
in a grey haired Beast suite.
I thought that’s what it was
I willed…
“It’s just a phase.”

But it would never fade
Only when I looked away
were he the one
I fell in love with
A beast dressed in human skin.
Sadly they don’t
react kindly
to cages that change.
So I set him free
as well as me
but did I?
It seemed so sad
“Why couldn’t I except him?”

Then one day I looked in the mirror
I saw for the first time
I too am a beast dressed
in human skin
My hair was short and white
Were his was long and grey.
It would have never of worked anyway.
I need to find one dressed in human skin
With the same beast as mine within.

The Running Girl

Amy was a horrible, awful, evil
Human being.
Or so she was told
by everyone, she knew.

She had a dog that loved her
But everyone had a dog.
Everyone loved their’s.
But she didn’t.
Could never understand what
it was barking about.
She would go through the motions
Of feeding and walking it,
But it would still go on barking.

One day,
when walking her annoying
Needy dog.
she found others.
They didn’t have dogs
from what she could see.
Because they were runners.

“My God, you’re beautiful.”
the leader of the runners
said as he smiled.
There was something about the way
the corners of his mouth creased his cheeks
that made her knees quake.
She didn’t think
She just grabbed his hand
And began to run.

She ran where ever they went.
No matter what she thought or felt.
She ran over mountains,
And rickety bridges,
Along edges of cliffs.
Always holding on to his hand.

Soon she was so far away
she knew nothing, not even her name,
but, the man’s hand in hers,
and the name he gave her, “the running girl.”
She wasn’t a horrible, awful, evil human-being,
she was his beautiful running girl.

One day, she tripped.
She thought he would be there
To help her up.
But he didn’t stop, or look back
as she landed on the ground.
He grabbed the hand of another
and kept running. The rest ran over, or around her.
They never looked back as they kept on running.
Clutching who or what they hold dear in their hands.
She yelled as they ran, trying to crawl back to him.
But they all laugh with the man
that let go of her hand.
As the sounds of their running disappeared
Others reemerged from behind her.
They jumped over her.
She looked where they landed
It was their dogs
Still following
and waiting.
Except for hers
Her dog was gone.
She wept for no one wanted her
not even her own dog.

No telling how long it took for her to hear
the panting that was right next to her.
She looked. Her dog was sitting there
Waiting for her to notice.

She wept with joy.
The dog nuzzled its nose under her chin,
lifting her up.
“I am so sorry!”
She sobbed into her dog’s fur.
Hugging the dog for dear life.
Breathing heavily. In a panic
“I don’t know what to do.
He left me!”

The dog presented its back.
She climbed on, and her dog
slowly walked her
back home
she dreaded it
and she missed the man that left.

After a good cry, she realized,
even though, she hated this dog
and ran away from it,
it still loved her
enough to follow her.
So from that day on
she took better care of her dog.
She laughed with it
And played with it
And forgive it.
And every time
she held the hand of a man.
She would always make sure,
her dog was right by her.

Lemon Tree

On the corner of a park
the old man sat.
Waiting for his lemon tree to grow
but it hadn’t rained in so long.
The world was against him or so he believed
he watered his lemon tree sapling with his tears.

“Why do you cry?” passersby would ask.

“The world is against me
for it won’t rain
and my lemon tree
won’t grow.”

“Well, here’s some water!”
They’d say enthused.
They hand him a bottle
filled to the brim.
but he refused.
too proud to accept
what was offered
to him.

And kept crying for the
world would not send him rain.

Passersby would walk away
thinking how foolish the old man was
for thinking the world only
sends rain from the sky.

Scarred Eyes

Years of horrors
This solider had seen
had scarred his eyes.
Years of what he has heard
had scarred his ears.

It didn’t matter
what you said or did
You were wrong,
You were mean,
You were the enemy.

No one understood
why he would bristle
but it was his scar tissue.
It would warp the visual of you
into the enemy, he always knew.
No use in explaining
his ears would morph
your words too.

Many would react in hurt
and push or shoo him away.
Would only make his scar tissue

But he had a few friends
who understood his
scar tissue,
but for only
a year or two.
He blamed them all
for he was alone.
So he looked inward
to find there never was room
for them
for he never was alone.
He had been keeping
those scars for company
all along.

Out of Darkness

Her innocence taken by one
she trusted and loved

The darkness came, sealing her mouth shut.
A black mist followed her around.
Leading her into the same situation
Over and over again.
She didn’t want to,
but knew of nothing else.

She had not seen the mist that hung around
Her, calling this situations to her… and it…
Only waiting for the right moment…

Years had past and still not a word spoken
Of her innocence taken, or a word…
When what little innocence she
recovered was taken
Again, by the love of her life.
Silence was her tell
But no one knew

Every time her small voice
Uttered a sound,
The mist grew larger

Her true self revealed
To friends, to loved
ones, to everyone…
thwarted, and still…
The mist grew larger

She secluded herself
from everyone
and everything
even herself
The mist grew larger

It inundated her life
And the dark mist
consumed her

She screamed at the top of
her lungs and for the first time
as it cascaded out of her mouth.
She, and everyone else,
saw the darkness

My Shadow

The lanterns flame
Flickered in the grip of a shaking hand
Of a young boy.
Standing in the front yard
Of the old haunted manor
He turned to leave
“A Dare is a Dare.”
His friends sneered
slowly he turned back
To see a shadow man
Pointing away from the manor
he screamed
He swung the lantern in front.
It was just his own shadow.
His daring friends howled.
“Afraid of his own shadow!”

The boy rolled his eyes,
took a breath
to steady his hand
and walked in.

The boards creaked in the still air,
“Shhh.” The boy whispered
To the boards.
“There was no one here.”
He whispered to reassure
“But why do I feel like I am being watched?
It’s just my friends playing with me, right?”

The boards creaked but not by his feet
To the left of him and then the right.
He looked around
Only ever seeing his shadow
Stop that.” He hissed at his shadow
In a whisper slithered “Sorry.”
He turned
“Who said that!”
same whisper answered
“I did” from behind him.
He slowly turn to see
his shadow waving,
then it pointed to the only door.


More creaking of the boards began
Like moths to the flame
Something in the dark was coming.

He screamed running were his shadow showed
But he lost his light and his shadow.
Sight only found in the moonlit window.
The whisper of his shadow
slithered through the air.
“I have the light
But you’re out of sight.”
The boy wanted to leave,
the creaking in the dark,
and his shadow.
But couldn’t see
Save the moon through the window
Stretched only a few feet in front of him.
Before it hit pitch
He realized;
he needed a light.
He needed his shadow
to see.

“Follow the sound of my voice.”
He screamed not even thinking.

The creaking steps

into the moonlight
He could see
All were creatures
Who haunted his dreams.
Noshing teeth
And tapping claws
And glowing eyes
Yearning for the flesh
They had sought for
His whole life.

His shadow came
With small flame
Light the wick
His shadow rose behind him quick
Bigger and scarier than any
Creature from childhood dreams.
They all disappeared.

His shadow and he got away.
That young boy
Got new friends
But was never afraid
Of his shadow again.


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